Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Savage River Scramble

Alexis and I went into the park to where we could drive to at mile 15, and began a hike on the established loop trail at Savage River. This caribou surprised us about 20 feet away.. maybe less than that. I swear these things must be blind-ish!
We have had clear and warm weather for such a long time I am a little afraid of what the end of summer will bring for us this year! It is so nice that everything is starting to grow and the flowers are blooming.

We got off of the trail and wandering up a ways, getting a good look at some dall sheep. It was interesting to interact with them and find their level of comfort as our distance from them.
I found out that Al is nearly as stubborn as me when it comes to getting to the top of things. The loose rocks on the mountain made for a slow ascent.
After our hike, we got dinner and a backcountry permit and moved ourselves to another part of the park.
It was quite the nice view.

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