Saturday, May 2, 2009

Scouting Out the Trails

High today: 76 F
Low today: 40 F
The dry trail last night had me wondering about the Skarland trail up by LARS. Headed up there today to scout it out and found that there was still way too much squishy and icy snow to ride on the LARS side of the Skarland trail, BUT I jumped across to the UAF side and strolled down there, to find that 80%-ish of the trail is cleared. There are some spots with a few inches of snow, but was totally ridable. Went down to the T-field where conditions were wet but not unbearable and not wet to the point of damaging the trail whatsoever, and then up the T-field road. There is a bit of snow on the upper T-field road still, but the side where the walking trail is, was clear. For any Fairbanksians dying to get back onto the trails like I am, that is your report! :) It is exhilarating getting air on roots again. I forgot how much I like my new front fork.
Here is a picture of the T-field during my last ski of the season on April 25thAnd the T-field today, a week later. Don't be fooled by the very inaccurate thermometer. It was well into the upper 50s/low 60s.

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