Friday, May 15, 2009

Summertime is the Time for Visitors

My best friend from college Alexis landed in the great AK!

Our trip to Palmer and Anchorage looked to be the two of us until Celine showed up at my door early Saturday morning about 15 minutes before we left with her bags packed and ready to hitch a ride with visions of glacial ice climbing on Sunday. She had originally said no to the trip, since she had to leave for field work on Monday and we weren't returning to FAI til late in the week, but the trip had been pushed back to Wednesday and she figured to just take the scenic train ride back. I was laughing when she showed up, because it reminded me why I like people like Celine so much - not willing to let a good weekend pass by!We had a crystal clear sky drive down to Palmer with full views of the mountain, and showed up to a delicious steak meal prepared by Jeff. He is quite the cook extraordinaire. I need to visit him and Nikole more often. :)The daylight let us take a nice short hike up to the Butte that night, and Dairy Queen open til 1am just made my day complete. Cherry dip cones, oh yeah! You can't get these in Fairbanks!

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