Monday, May 18, 2009

Anchorage and Girdwood

After dropping Celine off at the train station, we headed into Anchorage to meet some of my former coworkers for lunch. Most people were busy or out of town, but I was able to see a lot of people I used to work with at the office! It was so fun running around saying hi to everyone. For just being there for three months I am impressed that they can remember my name, really. Maybe because I kept coming back. I do enjoy going back where I started. It brings some feeling of accomplishment, like you are actually going somewhere in the world. That's with anywhere though.Alexis and I headed down the Seward Highway along the Turnagain Arm to Girdwood, one of my other favorite places, land of paragliding and downhill skiing with spectacular views of the ocean and a happy little hippie town with an awesome used book store and tasty bakery. After meandering up some very snowy trails, postholing in a view spots, and making a snowman, we descended back to head to my favorite place in Anchorage - Moose's Tooth! Stopped up at the Flattop-Anchorage overlook to see if the initials have made it thru another year and they have - as well as LeeAnn's from '05! :)

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