Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter "Egg" Hunt.

Thanks to Stef for beginning something last year that might just be a hit every year.. the annual PBR easter egg hunt!!!

Becki helped the easter bunny decorate and hide the "eggs" this year.. some of which they hid a little too well.. there are a few unaccounted for in the woods..
Here are some of the attendees ready to slog thru the snow finding "eggs".
Some of the snow was knee-deep, verging on hip-deep in some spots. Lucky for the hunters, the easter bunny and her assistant broke the trail of which the "eggs" were not far off of.
"Are we having fun yet?" was the line said before this picture was snapped. Clearly, everyone was having an awful time. Especially Jessie...
Darcy is peeking out from the woods... later, she would be standing on the front porch and have a pile of heavy snow from the roof fall on her and knock her burger straight out of her hands, into the hands of the dawgs. This event created a mass game of throwing snowballs at the snow on the roof trying to knock it down.
Little Michael was a big fan of the dogs - I think he was a puppy in a previous life. He is even wearing dog booties as waterproof mittens! Brilliant!
And ahhhh a sign of summer!! BARBEQUE!!! My favorite. Funny we were able to keep both doors of the house open when it only hit 49 at the airport. The sun was so bright and warm it was another perfect day to be outside.

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Michael said...

Cool Julie! And, I see Mattie in there too, I bet she had a great time!