Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mountain Bike Races!!

Today there were 4 mtb races at Moose Mountain for an annual race in Fairbanks! This is the first year I was actually in town for the race. Unfortunately, I did not realize that you had to do all 5 "stages" of the race for it to actually count... until the end when everything was over. Kind of disappointing that I don't even know my times. What ever happened to results for each separate race??? Oh well, I still had fun. It is just nice to know your results for the next time around. Here's some people after the XC race on Saturday morning.
The second stage on Saturday was a trials course which was AWESOME! You had to perform "stunts", such as going over a jump and not hitting a plastic bottle on the other side, going over the teeter-totter, a balance beam (Laura shows below), swerving around plastic bottles (which I could not finish, bah agility!), clear a car tire, and balance your bike for ten seconds within a box area on the ground. Needless to say, this part was a blast and some of us could play on it all day long.I don't know this guy's name, but I got a sweet picture of him gaining air on the teeter-totter. These young guys lifted up their bikes at the right time and got a ton of air.Third, was the predicted time course (which I rocked.. by luck.) It didn't matter how fast you went, you went at your own pace, timed yourself around one lap, then predicted how long it took you to do two laps. One second off, suckas! Take that. ;) Makes up for my excessively horrible timing during the Turkey Trot 5k last fall!The last event was what they called "Miss and Out" - and you went around the loop and whoever was last coming into the end of the lap got kicked out until only one was left. Pretty fun but I was not thinking strategy and it definitely involves such. Next year!!While Tom and Rocky were figuring out our times, Laura and I started building jumps. This one was awesome! We put the car tire, some wood, and the jump from the trials course on top. Did someone mention there is a big log up there? Heeeeck yes! This was about a 2 foot drop, though it's hard to tell from the picture. It is a log the snowboarders use for tricks in the winter. At a sketchy angle, but definitely doable.I think we need more of these shenanigans!


Maria said...

who is that cute black dog keeping an eye on you guys? i like seeing him/her in the pics. sweet jumps!!

Julie said...

that's Miss Asia! she is the coolest mtb dog ever.. she had to stay in the car for some of the other events because she would have gladly come with us and gotten in the way. :)