Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice Shenanigans

One of my favorite "holidays" in Alaska, the celebration of the longest day of the year - summer solstice, honing in on 21 hours and 49 minutes of above-the-horizon sunlight. The weekend was full of social activities, visitors, and other shenanigans.Ashlee, Celine and I went to Value Village looking for costumes for them for the sun run, and found 3 identical sparkly dresses.. so I dressed up with them. Even though I couldn't run the race, it was still a blast being a "back up dancer" or what I called us, the "clearance rack shoppers". As always, the sun run was a big party in Fairbanks..

Some of the FCC members led the runners off...
Holy cow.. personally, I could not run 6.2 miles wearing a wedding gown AND carrying a bouquet! This guy's costume was "runaway bride".. impressive!
At the finish line, the announcer made a comment that none of the costumed finishers had come in yet.. and I responded with a "I bet you Peter Pan will be the first one in!" and he was.. "Peter Pan" Joel is a hella fast runner.. and a ton of fun, as you can tell. We had way too much fun making costumes.
And cheerleader Jim comes pom-poms in hand to the finish line!
Anna also cheers. I love the expressions coming out of people at the finish line.
We found Debbie too! Even though it sucked to not be able to run, it was really fun to cheer everyone on. My friends did really well, all beating their personal goals.
Nikole and her friends Donde and Steve were visiting from Anchorage. It was a lot fun spending time with them as well.The four of us went up the hot springs the next day and went to the ice museum.. it was my first (and probably only) time, but I will say it was pretty cool to go just once!
Nikole and I had a contest to see whose ice martini glass would melt more slowly while we were in the hot springs. I can't even remember who won.. I think it was Nikole. Obviously it was not a big deal. :0)
Happy Solstice! Now we are losing daylight! 3 months til the snow falls. ;)

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