Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ode to My Knee

To My Knee.
the bending point of non-stop pedaling.
the sustainer of impact from pounding legs on the trail.
the secret to the ups and down of stairwells.
the control on gas and brake pedals on a car.
the bearer of stress pulling on you from the bottom of your leg while doing nothing.
the founder of getting up when you fall down.
To My Knee.

here's to long runs in the rain.
to endless cycling even if we get too close to a tree.
to running up and down scree slopes.
to jumping pictures.
to squatting to pee in the woods.
and to a much much better mentality...
in a few weeks...
To My Knee.


Alaska Progressive Review said...

something can be gained or learned from every adversity. perhaps you are meant to be a poet!

Julie said...

Ha ha! I would tend to disagree, Mike. :) Thanks though!