Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chucking bike frames

A couple of weeks ago we had a "frame throwing contest" at Adam's bday party. A frame you say - a picture frame?? Nope.. old, rusty bike frames that are no longer usable. What a flashback to undergrad days! Haha. Thanks to Brandy for the photos!
I won 1st place in the women's division thanks to good luck and unknown frame throwing skills.. yesssssss! Adam and I show off our awards.
And why such a flashback to undergrad?? Oh, you know.. mini-bike races.. and misc other things... here is a buddy from undergrad, Rich, jumping into very cold water on a 35 degree day at a race in Massachusetts circa '06.. I remember this one so vividly! We got him to go in twice! And yes, that's me giggling like a goof in the background..

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Carlene said...

When someone loses a sense, the others become keener. You have lost muscle power in your legs, which has transformed to arms that can throw bike frames great distances!! ; )