Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Walk. Don't Run.

I got the nicest package in the mail today from some friends back in PA. The best part about it is that there were grilled stickies from The Diner in State College in it! Yummmmm. You know I am attracted to free food. In undergrad I was able to find a free lunch or dinner several times a week. Not so much here at the small university. Anyway.. too bad the package couldn't be retrieved on the 29th when it actually got here. Good thing is, the stickies are still absolutely delicious. :) Lots of other bum-around things in the package too!I've been taken care of really well by the friends I've been staying with. Anna has not only graciously invited me into her home (with running water!) but has been cooking for me as well. Here is one of my earlier meals when I was not able to keep much food down. The zucchini came out of my "garden". :) I can't tell you how miserable recovery would have been at the cabin for many reasons. I will spare you those details.
Here is a picture of Celine, Ashlee, Joel and Celine's parents visiting from the midwest, the day before surgery. Joel and Celine have been popping in and out of the place I'm stayinsg at. It has been nice getting random visitors.

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