Thursday, January 21, 2010

AMS '10 - The Weather Nerd Conference

High temps (ATL): 49-66F
Low temps (ATL): 40-46F
I went down to Atlanta to join about six thousand other meteorologists and atmospheric scientists from around the country (and world for that matter) for what I like to call, the annual weather nerd fest.  I went down by myself from Fairbanks but quickly reunited with many friends and acquaintances from undergrad and summer internships.  It was very rewarding to present my research in front of people from all over the country and a few other countries, and good practice for my defense.  Thanks to my former professors, coworkers, friends, and acquaintances who came to listen to my talk, that meant a lot to see so many familiar faces in the crowd!  Didn't take too many photos but here are a few from a very jetlagged, blurry week in Atlanta.
 Dinner at some southern-style place
Steve representing UMaryland.
 Alan and Dan, former and current Penn Staters enjoying some refreshments at the banquet
Greg this is what you get for making a funny face, now the whole world can see. :)  We were at a reception in the Georgia Dome here.
I found my old roomie Laura!
And Jenni (Dr. E), one of the professors I worked with as an undergrad.
Laura knows all kinds of people from a program she was in a couple of years ago so I met a lot of them through her.  On the left though is my friend Andy from undergrad, whom is exactly one year older than me. :-)


Anonymous said...

I thought nerds were boring and goofy looking! You can't be having fun and looking great and call yourselves weather nerds! Welcome back!

Julie said...

Is this Carlene??? It sounds like your tone of voice. :P Haha - we are a special breed of nerds. And we can brush up nicely. ;)