Friday, January 1, 2010

Spending the New Year with Old Friends in Anchortown

High today (ANC): 9F
Low today (ANC): 2F
This post is a continuation of my day at Hatcher Pass. After having a beverage and some appetizers at the lodge, we headed up to Houston, the land of 5 or 6 fireworks mega-stores which are open twice a year, before the 4th of July and before the New Year.
What's even better is that the Mat-su valley lifted their fireworks ban for New Years Eve. Not that a ban was going to stop anyone, anyway.
After a very long day with little sleep the night before, we decided to stay in Palmer and play video games rather than brave the highway to Anchorage.
Jeff plays his new game, DJ Hero. I wasn't all that thrilled with that one.
New Year's Day though, we hit up some of the bars in Anchorage. Starting with Bernie's, where we found my old coworker Lee, and I enjoyed the place where my coworkers and I spent after work every other Friday.
It was kind of chilly in Anchorage that night, for Anchorage. The trees all formed hoar frost on them, which I think is somewhat uncommon in Anchorage.
Aaaaand, somehow we ended up at the Shed, a karaoke bar I spent a few nights at when I lived in Anchorage. I had nothing to do with that decision, but did not hesitate going, either. :-)
Here's a picture of Chloe and a cool octopus balloon the bartender at Sea Galley made me take home. Chloe was so tiny when we met nearly 4 years ago and spent some quality time together at Clam Gulch. Apparently she thought I lived in Anchorage this whole time and was shocked to hear that I live in Fairbanks. It was pretty cute. Nice to spend time with my Alaska "family" and a slight change of scenery.

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