Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wearing shorts and getting Vitamin D in late-January

High today (SRQ): 72-78F
Low today (SRQ): 58-66F
After the AMS conference, I spent a few days in Florida with my sister Val, bro-in-law Keith, and best friend from college, Alexis.
Al flew down from New Jersey to come soak up some sun with me and she wanted to meet the last of my siblings.  That sun was a little hard to find the 3 days we were there, thanks to a torrential downpour (we deserved that downpour, after looking at the giant black cloud and going out anyway.), and then some sea fog the next day...
No sun?  Tiki bar?  We're there!
Out on the dock at Venice Beach

Cool wave shot before the wave got a little too close to me.
The next day we went down to Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island.  The sun finally came out after we patiently waited for it.. and all three of us got an awesome sunburn.
Hooray for Vitamin D!
And hooray for palm trees!

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AP said...

Nice pics! And, no lie, I'm still peeling :-P