Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The end of 22

High today: 44
Low today: 32

I have to document the ridiculousness of age 22. It was a very crazy time, I moved 7 times if you include the in-between weeks in Pittsburgh (that's right, try to find me USPS!).

Just for kicks, a year in review.. Julie-style. Starting with last year's bday, with the annual end-of-year BBQ at E-street! Headed off to Fairbanks hesitantly but didn't take long to feel comfortable. Wandered north of most of existence into untouched land. Got to finally run off of that mountain at Alyeska after over a year of waiting.Saw Denali in all her glory.Moved into a household with awesome roommates and cute puppies. Did my last couple of collegiate mountain bike races. Spent a lot of time enjoying a light work load... and of course leaving some footprints...
Hit the black diamonds for the first time (this pic isn't the black diamond, haha)
Had fun with my best friends for one last good throw-down.
Learned how to XC skiGot to experience that "special" temperature of 40 belowWas completely astonished by the aurora.
And.. went to the North Pole!
Not a bad year.. not a bad year at all. And that's only a fourth of it. Here's to the next being just as great!

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