Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Have a Home!!!

High today so far: 31
Low today: 9

After several weeks of cabin shopping, I finally found something that didn't make me question one thing or another. The distance is perfect - 2 miles from the edge of UAF campus, accessible by bike and possibly by ski with a little bit of road hopping.

It's not the most flattering place.. it's not fancy log cabin or anything, but I think it's exactly what we need and the price is very right. The people who just moved out left a bunch of crap around the place and inside.. but once it's all cleaned up and Carrie and I put some rugs down and some pictures on the wall and some rustic decorations up I think it will be perfect. It is a 20' by 40' cabin, as compared to the other one that I almost signed off on that was only 19' by 21'. It has one big room that we'll use as a living room/kitchen, then two separate small bedrooms with lots of storage space. I love the big front porch (can we say BARBECUE?!!?) and the fact that we can easily put three cars in without blocking one or the other. We could probably fit 6 or 7 cars in the driveway by blocking people in. The outhouse isn't too far away from the front door so when its 40 below it will be a run in - run out event. There are motion detector lights too which is nice to know if there are any lingering moose around. We can't see our neighbors from the cabin, which is also super nice. A few of the other cabins I looked at, you were looking into your neighbors' window.

The place is mine April 15th.. so let the fun begin!


Anonymous said...

Jules - what a neat little cabin! I missed out on keeping updated on you and your adventures, my computer was in bad shape, but Joe came over today and now I have a machine that runs really well. Miss you much. When do you plan on returning for a visit?

Aunt Ruthie

Kelly said...

Very cute MW!! My "cabin" was also a fixer upper...I can see the potential. I hope you have room for a silver jeep in that driveway...

Anonymous said...

Cool! Very cool when it's -40 out.


Laur said...

so not for me