Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alaskan Bachelorette Party

Laura and Dave are getting married soon so the girls drove on down to the mountains to camp out for a very awesome bachelorette party. As you can see.. spongebob squarepants stickers and sweatbands were happily displayed by the bride during a game that the bridesmaids prepared.A woman came over to our campsite all excited about a porcupine. Stef gives a thumbs up by the jagged little creature. We had a lot of other pesky little wildlife come around to the campsite. Sadly, they are used to people at the car camping sites.
Two goofballs run excitedly down the road in search of Denali.There she is... never gets old!
There were two bull moose on the side of the road also. My pictures didn't come out very well since the lighting was bad but Stef's came out a lot better.
Franziska was swimming in the sleeping bag that she borrowed!
Next morning we had another beautiful day, perfect for some wandering around. This would have been perfect weather to bike the park road!!Deanna looks down from her rock throne.Photographer Stef doing her thing.On the way out of the park, a wolf was spotted so everyone went looking for it! Those wolves are so skiddish that he was out of the picture before we even got out of the car. Saturday was such a crystal clear day, but unfortunately I had to get back to Fairbanks to work our booth at the solstice fair.. boo! But it's alright, some time in the mountains is better than no time in the mountains! Until next time...

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