Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Solstice!

High today: 81 (heat waveeee!)
Low today: 56

Today was the longest day of the year, putting us at 21 hours and 49 minutes of sunlight. We have had 24 hours of daylight for awhile now. Tonight was the annual Midnight Sun Run 10k. It is a HUGE event in Fairbanks, with over 3500 runners and walkers this year. People all line up along the streets, basically a giant block party... spraying hoses, sprinklers and water guns at the runners. I even scored a Flavor-ice popsicle during the race.. it was kind of difficult to eat/drink running. :-) Every year there is a costume contest too, which I didn't enter this year or last, but running with a silly hat is that much more fun than not. Some quotes from the spectators include, "What are you, a devil in disguise?" (my response)"No! I'm a lobster!"... "Don't be crabby!"... "Look at the lobster!"... "Go lobster GO!".. "LOOK a crab!!". So entertaining.. Stef got a picture of Ted, Dan and I after the race as we went to join up with the others for festivities.
Just for reference, this is what it looked like at 2:50am... the last pic is Stef's too.Happy Solstice!


...Girl Up North... said...

MY LOBSTAH HAT! Aw man. You're awesome. :-)

Maria said...

whoa, it is SO light out!! did you run the whole thing? love that hat, you should have worn your red oven gloves too ;)

mtbikemeteo said...

haha no LA - you are awesome for sending me that hat!

Marcie - yep i ran the whole thing.. well, jogged it. we were stuck behind a lot of slow slow people at the beginning and couldn't get through them so we lost a lot of time. but it was still a blast!