Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"You ever take it off any sweet jumps?"

High today: 65
Low today: 51

"You got like three feet of air that time." - thanks Napolean Dynamite for the quotes.
Tonight being Tuesday was another Tues. Night Mtb ride with the FCC. I hadn't been able to go for a few weeks due to work or travel so it was nice to have the evening free to explore around town. We went around and explored the Birch Hill trails today which were AWESOME. I had only been skiing there once and played frisbee-golf once. The mosquitoes were killer though, it was impossible to stop for long. We'll just say we were pedaling (or running) a bit faster than usual up the uphills to get away from them.
The trail system was great (and some of the trails had cool names, as seen above). There was fast doubletrack, some single track (a particular one we went on had a lot of logs and roots), and dual slalom jumps near the ski hut!!! How did I not know about these?!

We did a lot of wandering around and riding around off of jumps and misc. things. Here's Tom after I egged him on to jump over a little ledge.
There is some sort of shooting range at Birch Hill with a gully-like area that we ended up in and it had short steep hills. The guys were trying to get air coming up the little hills. They were pretty good, I was impressed. I fail at getting much air. Unless it's by accident. The first picture is one of the guy's 13 year old son. He was crazy good!!
Towards the end of the ride we went on the roller coaster trail, which was awesomely fast and fun! It had steep downhills and short steep uphills, but with all the momentum from the downhill you could get up the uphill without pedaling much. I reallllllly liked that one. We went around it two or three times.

But man oh man, we headed back to the dual slalom jumps at the end of the ride for a second-round and I was having a ball. I have no pictures because I kept riding them over and over. After 4 or 5 times it was time to call it quits for the night! Productive day.. most definitely.

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