Monday, July 14, 2008

And I Present.. Master Bourne!

Special shoutout to Stefanie for passing her Master's defense today! It's bittersweet since it's great that she passed and is moving onto bigger and better things but so bitter because this means we have little time left with her. Stefanie has been an awesome friend to me the last 7 months, has been there for me during my crappiest times in Fairbanks and I'm really going to miss her once she leaves. We totally connected from day one, feeding our silliness off of each other and maybe it's an east coast bond that we have too. It really sucks getting to know someone and then having to separate. But I guess that is part of life. I understand why people don't move far away and stay near their roots and their good friends. It's not easy just pulling away when you are sacrificing all of those relationships and bonds. The cool thing is, I'll be doing research related to what she did hers on, so it will be like she's always there, sending temperature inversion vibes my way.. yea I know we're nerds. And even better, she'll be in DC in January when I head back east so we will be able to meet up again. Glad we still have another month! Congrats Master Bourne!

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Stef said...

Awww, yay! You're the best Julie :) I'm definitely gonna miss you too. I'm gonna try and save up so I can come visit next year. Lord knows I love bone-shattering cold and infinite darkness (...but who doesn't, really?) Hope you had a GREAT time in Dawson this weekend. I'm expecting stories!!