Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Turn Around Don't Drown

High today: 63
Low today: 51

A few years ago the Turn Around Don't Drown slogan began, with the purpose of teaching the public to stay off of flooded roads. I'm almost 100% sure that my former roommate, Al, was the one who found it, but most importantly, found the song called 'Turn Around Don't Drown' that was recorded and posted online for a little bit as part of the program. We laughed about it for a long time because the song is ridiculous and funny and we even threatened to sing it at a talent show, but really, the slogan does its job because I, and anyone who was around me when we found this song will never forget it. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because Ed had this awesome sign sent to him today randomly.. just so happens to be on a big day of crazy flooding in the Interior. It has been raining so much the last three days.. more than I remember total last summer. There has been over 3 inches of rain in some spots, where annual precipitation amounts are around 10-15 inches. A significant amount, don't ya think? I blame myself for saying that I was not going to do certain things like watch movies with anyone, or organize my life, or stay inside for a prolonged time other than sleeping until it rained, because why waste a sunny day??

Sooooo... today I got to experience my first flood! You'd think growing up in the 'Burgh by the three rivers I would have seen a flood or two but only ever saw them on the news mainly from ice jams. Ed and I went south on the Richardson to the Tanana and Salcha Rivers to find a bit of "excess water" to say the least. The Tanana was spilling over its banks and rising as we were standing there. According to everyone, they had never seen the river rise so rapidly from rain water. The Tanana was pretty wild.. what is normally a braided, fairly calm river was raging with 2 to 3 foot waves. I didn't get any good pictures of the waves but here is a video of the fast-moving Tanana.
There's a road under this somewhere..
And the color accent on my camera can still make it look peaceful...
Wait a minute... the rescue crew is under water too?!! This wasn't actually flow from the river, but just a huge pool of water from all of the rainfall.
The Salcha got very wide, too. Last time I was here it was all frozen.. and a good 15 feet away if not more!!
But remember kids, turn around don't drown!!

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