Thursday, July 3, 2008

What We Do On Weeknights

It's summertime.

And that means a few things.

1. BBQ. Delicious.. we are getting good at making skewers. If only the sticks would stop catching on fire... you are supposed to soak them in water but we keep forgetting.2. Friends. Well, friends are all year long but the endless nights and no classes make people a little more willing to come out of their holes. Or maybe it's the BBQ that brings the friends.. it works out in any case.3. BEAUTIFUL WEATHER! The tasty smell of AK is still in the air, my nose has not been numbed to it yet and hope it never does. The air is fresh and crisp and unpolluted. The lungs enjoy air like this.
4. Cruisin' down the Chena working on our farmer's tans. Because we can.

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