Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bear fight!!

High today: 60
Low today: 44

This morning I got to go to "basic bear training", a class designed mainly for people who will be working out in the field in bear country. It was super informative and I got to shoot a 12-gauge again, woohoo! The tinge of redneck in me enjoyed it.. and now I have an awesome poster for my door. Rarrrrrrr!
These are my running buddies Matthew and Karen. We went on a 10 mile run today and ended at the hot springs for a soak. It was good motivation to end there! They are quite fun people.. our runs always involve some adventure or another, typically with jumping in rivers or through sprinklers it seems! Note the pretty field of fireweed in the background. The pictures I took without a flash were showing up blurry because of the poor lightning when we were heading home.Our first stop before the hot springs was to the restaurant to fill our very hungry tummies. I had heard about a martini they made that has something in it that swirls around like the aurora borealis. Of course I had to get one. Isn't it pretty?? I was swirling it to make the liquid move around. Ahhh the joys of chemistry and different liquid densities!

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Al said...

You know I would have gotten the aurora drink too! I had a drink called the Polish Bullet the other night. Tasted like liquefied apple pie, mmm.