Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 46th Annual Equinox Marathon

High so far today: 49
Low so far today: 44
So really the reason I started running with Matthew and Karen this summer was so we could run the Equinox Marathon relay which took place today. Today also happens to be Karen's birthday.. and at least two other runners' birthdays as well. :-) I never watched a marathon in real life til today, either. It was such a fun event and almost everyone looked great coming into the end. I always imagined what you see at the ones on TV where the finishers look like they're going to keel over.. but I guess a lot of those marathons happen in 80-degree weather. Definitely different from here. :-P I ran the first leg of the marathon to start our team off (way too early in the morning, btw... I was still discombobulated from the morning at the start), Matthew did the brutal uphill portion and Karen finished off the last 9 miles for us, Team Running Bear. Karen got me running in the picture below.
Here's some pictures I took after I was done running. Here's Kristen rocking the course and in good spirits.
Lena with a smile on her face as well!
Matthew looks awfully happy too, for just ascending Ester Dome. He did awesome at the uphill.
Below is my coworker Mike with about 4 miles to go. He is a regular marathoner.
Below Torsten gives Lisa some cookies at mile 22.
My coworker Eric rocked out at the mile 22 water area with his band, Yellowjackets in the Outhouse. We even got them to play Happy Birthday for Karen coming up the hill.A swath of runners head up Goldhill.
Below the birthday girl is about to cross the finish line on the UAF campus.
Great job, everyone!!


Anonymous said...


Did you see the female Equinox Marathon winner had a birthday yesterday too! What an awesome birthday present--to win a marathon!

mtbikemeteo said...

I don't know who posted this.. but yeah I saw that! That is really cool. Another girl I met on the course said she was running 26 miles for her 26th birthday - neat-o!

Anonymous said...

Karen did it. the previous message that is!

Maria said...

i love the hats the band is wearing. and i think that is a cool pic, a band playing in what seems to be the middle of the woods! i really enjoyed that one.