Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tour de North Fairbanks

High today: 58
Low today: 44
Mileage: 70 km/43.5 miles
Picture above taken by Steffen

My buddy Steffen organized a bike ride today itching to get out since he has been on the North Slope all summer and not able to ride. All I saw in the email was something like, "we'll head up to Fox, up Old Murphy Dome Rd, up to Moose Mountain, back down to Murphy Dome Rd. and then back". Something like that. Reading through the lines and having the most awful sense of distance in this town, I only brought 400 cals of food with me for what turned into a really fun, kind of epic ride. I ran out of food and water really quickly, but it was all good. My stomach's supply of chili and pasta from last night was still intact. The ride was a mix of paved roads, dirt roads, double track made more for a mtn bike, and a killer blazing downhill down Moose Mountain. The colors were still really nice even without sunshine.

Here's the gang, Valerie, Thomas and Steffen taking a snack break on Old Murphy Dome Rd.
It is a crazy small world, because Thomas was on a backpacking trip with me last summer. We have quite a few friends in common.
Below Steffen is pretending to ride right into me.
Old Murphy Dome turned into a one lane rough road. The ruts got much worse than this and the road a lot rockier. Apparently Steffen bit it by catching his tire on a rut but we all missed it since he was behind us. Dang, no entertainment.
Below is a picture taken by Steffen on the powerline trail.Below Valerie blazes down Moose Mountain. Ahhhh the joy of gravity after a lot of climbing!

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