Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Madness

High today: 48
Low today: 30

Today Adam wanted to go "mod-ing" (see Trek mod) on campus.. in simplier terms, big wheeling.. remember those things?? This one has rubber tires though, not those plastic ones!He is a little bit crazy. I tried out the Mod but not on the trails or stairs or anything. He pushed me to make me go fast at one point on the slight downhill pavement and I screamed like a little girl. I'll stick to my big girl bikes. :-)
He was making friends realllly quickly on campus, and we got a ton of funny looks from people.
Check out the video of Adam flying down a hill on campus.
Below Amanda tries out the Mod in front of IARC.
Then tonight I swung by to say goodbye to the Germans (from left, Torsten, Dirk, and Stefan) again.. this is like the 3rd time they are "leaving Fairbanks". Let's see how long it takes them to come back. ;) Torsten already noticed how AK is magnet-like.
ALSO! My exciting new project.. I "found" this bike (just happens to be my frame size), abandoned for a very long time with many missing parts.. you know, brakes, derauiller, shifters, etc.. but the frame is good so that is all that matters. After staring at it daily for several months I decided this could just be the next custom Surly Pugsley (for much much cheaper!) so it has a new home on my front porch for now. I'm going to get the frame fitted for some Snowcat tires this week to see if putting really fat tires on it will be doable. If it doesn't work out then I'll just stick with what I've been snow riding with. It would be awesome to plow through deep snow. LIL' SU HERE I COME!! I found someone who is really excited to help me completely rebuild this bike too, so that makes me even more excited about it, haha. We're going to use as many recycled parts as possible. And I'm going to paint it orange.. because I always wanted an orange bike. :-D

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Chris (Kristen's Brother In Law) said...

If you are still thinking about doing Susitna you should let us know. I think Kristen mentioned you wanting to maybe borrow a Pugs? Ok, later.