Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Seriously Awesome First Snow

High today: 39
Low today: 30

Well Fairbanks, here we are. September 27th, our first snow of the season! Awoke this morning to graupel and flurries falling. Most of the day was dry but light snow began to fall around 8pm so Karen had to put her snow board out and caught some tasty flakes fresh from the sky.
Tonight was some UAF sponsored giant bonfire called "Starvation Gulch". I didn't know anything about it or why it even exists or why a university would sponsor it for that matter, but stopped by briefly to check out the madness. See Austin's blog for the explanation of Starvation Gulch. All of a sudden it was graupeling cats and dogs!!! It was awesome to see the fire versus graupel storm!! And then I found the Germans too, who were supposed to have left! Haha.. they are still here, "car problems" they say.
The graupel soon turned to big giant snowflakes, accumulating quickly on everything.
The snow was some seriously good snowball snow, or "east coast" snow as everyone calls it. We decided to take advantage of it. I wish I would have had my skis in the car too, so I could have made the first tracks in the UAF trails. ;) Below Karen and Becki are making some giant snowballs for a snowman. Below are the girls with our second attempt of the snowman. We had a much taller one but as we walked away to find arms for him, he cracked into pieces. The first one was much rounder. :-)
And autumn turns to winter....

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