Sunday, March 22, 2009

Colorado Creek Cabin

High today: 24 F
Low today: -4 F

Finally went on my first overnight cabin ski trip - yeah!! It's about time. The weather was crystal clear but winds were high so I did not have to launch weather balloons. It was SO nice being able to completely disconnect from work and school this weekend. Headed out to Colorado Creek cabin in the Chena Rec area - was an easy 6 mile ski in. The entire ski in, I was thinking to myself how this would have been a PERFECT bike ride. The trail was super packed since we have not gotten any new snow since the big dump. Some overflow but nothing horrible.
I really liked skiing through the wooded birch trees...
And the more open areas...
We were entertained by Eric on the guitar the first night.
The next morning Celine and I learned how to split wood.. we rocked it. ..sorta.
Here's a group shot of Celine, De Anne, Eric, Bob and I before Bob departed.
That afternoon after a lot of doing nothing (I forgot what that felt like!), Celine and I took the dawgs out for some skijoring. Celine was first, below De Anne coaches Celine on the basics as Celine holds on for her life... I love this photo! :)
Next I was up with my newfound buddies Leroy (the Shepherd) and Gracie (my fav playmate - the husky).Wait a minute doggies, YOU'RE supposed to pull ME! What the crap?!!! Wrong way!
Ok that was not valid for daily exercise, so Leroy accompanied me on a nice hike up the Compeau trail. Again the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Like most everyday in interior AK, it was great to be outside. Leroy was very loyal and checked up on me, stick in mouth, if I stopped to enjoy the fresh air. He was quite the explorer companion dog.
Meanwhile, back at the cabin a game night ensued. Celine and I taught the others how to play spoons, which becomes kind of a vicious game after a few rounds and a few brews. Leroy helped De Anne with her hand.
The next morning we had 3 consecutive good jumping shots and no bad ones. I was overly impressed by the teamwork!
The ski out was WARM. I did not want to go too fast knowing that we had to go back to reality as soon as the trail head came into view. Definitely one of my most relaxing trips in a long long time.
Too bad all the snow fell off of the trees, but can't have everything can ya?
Celine enjoys the ski out.
Ok fine back to the car...
Wow it is so nice out!! 16F and the windows are down to enjoy the fresh air!! I missed the true winter in Fairbanks this year but 16F and a sunny day still feels reaaaaaalllllllly nice!

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Maria said...

so, does 16 degrees mean tanktop and bikini time too?? haha, kidding!