Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Day to Fly a Kite

High today: 26 F
Low today: 11 F
Avg. wind speed: 15 mph
Highest wind gust: 40 mph

After work I headed down to the Tanana River with Dan to do a little bit of kite-skiing. Well, him, not me. I decided to just spectate and take pictures this time, so Sky pulled me along instead. :) Wow skiing is really easy when you have a dog pulling you!! It is rare that we get any winds in Fairbanks so Dan was pretty excited to go out and play with his fairly new invention.
Dan unreels the line of his homemade kite on the Tanana while Sky waits patiently to get going again.
The 7-10 inches of wet snow plus drifts we saw around here made the skiing difficult on the river, and the winds were a bit excessive for this particular kite at some points. Here is a video I took of Dan skiing while Sky was pulling me, which ended up in disaster as taking a video while skiing on snow with a dog pulling you probably should end. Too bad I turned the camera off in time before going head first into the snow. That would have been a riot to have on film. Next time I'll be sure to keep it on.

Near the car we just played with the kite without skis on. It was pretty damn fun.. I haven't flown a kite in a few years.. let alone one that will pull you away and make you face plant and get buried in a pile of snow. haha. I have done a lot of laughing lately from getting caught in big piles of snow whether its walking, skiing, or well, kite-flying! Below Dan manuevers the kite as it tries to pick him up up and away.

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