Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wandering in the Woods

High today: 5 F
Low today: -26 F

Debbie and I have decided that it is dangerous for the two of us to go out exploring, because we are both the type of people who kind of point in a direction and say "hey, let's go this way" without any real knowledge of where it will go. Today we did just that, convinced that there would be a trail that would lead to another trail that we know.
Alas, we found ourselves pushing, for most of our ride. Since I haven't actually gone riding since the Susitna, it was a bit of dejavue, haha. We couldn't help but laugh the entire time and talk about how we're training for next year!!
And I have to post this picture of Josh and his very nicely shoveled path to the outhouse. I'm about to hire him to fix my driveway up. Just for reference, Josh is 6'1".

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Carlene said...

Love the sunshine, but keep the snow around; I want to play when I get back!