Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Good Snow Pack

High today: -6F
Low today: -21F

You know what I love about Fairbanks?? The whole guaranteed-snow thing. Granted, it could come late, but you are seriously guaranteed some good snow. We established a really nice snowpack this past week with 3 days in a row of snowfall. Locations around town saw anywhere from 4" to a foot, and north of here they received up to two feet of snow. Hooray!!!!
I had one of the nicest skis into work the other day. Something about it was really awesome and peaceful, between breaking trail in moderately falling snow, just to intercept the groomer and ski-track setter halfway there.. and watching the daylight begin to turn the horizon into a lighter hue. Not to mention just being thankful to be able to ski!

Below is the after-effect of our latest snow. It was nice today to be able to enjoy in the daylight, which will continue to fade for another 6 weeks.

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brittany said...

I'm loving all this new snow too! It definitely makes living here so much easier in winter when there's plenty of fluff around.