Monday, November 2, 2009

More Pittsburgh

High today (PIT): 57 F
Low today (PIT): 31 F

Just a few more photos from Pittsburgh. My buddy from college, Nick, came to Pittsburgh to visit from Columbus OH. We roamed around the neighborhood where I went to high school and walked up 42 floors to get to the top of the building. And why would we do such a silly thing? Because we can.When I was little and naive and didn't know where Oakland CA was or anything about it, Oakland to me was this place - a neighborhood in Pittsburgh where Univ. of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon and my high school are located. Can't say that I ever appreciated the architecture in the area until recently.
St. Paul's Cathedral in Oakland.

Earlier in my trip my dad and I made some homemade kielbasi. He has been making it from scratch for a long long time for every Christmas and Easter. I brought back some with me to AK in my carry-on since I will be here for Christmas this year, which began smelling terribly of garlic before I got back 21 hours later. Oops. :-)
Mom smiles at Olive Garden.
Maria came over while I did my last minute, "crap-I-fly-in-a-few-hours" packing.
Here's the babies being loving to each other. Note that Gretchen has probably been wearing the same dress in whatever pictures I've posted of her. She has three of the same dress which serve as her pjs too. I think somewhere in our family genes we like to wear our pjs all the time!

Thanks to everyone for letting me stay at your houses/apartments, special shout-out to my sister Patty who housed some of my friends, and to all of the free dinners and/or dinner dates from near and far away friends!

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