Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tires that don't shred to pieces.

High today: 4 F
Low today: -9 F and dropping
Well that's a sight you don't see everyday.. unless you are out on the trails around Fairbanks this time of year! I have been wanting to get a picture of a musher crossing the road since I got here.

Today Heike and I went for another ride at lunch time to test out my newest tires, WTB Weirwolfs (apparently all the cool winter riders in town have them.. meh, I should have started there instead of experimenting.) They pretty much rocked my socks off and I got to notice how different the Snowcats make floating on snow. Not that the trails are very soft right now since we haven't had new snow in weeks, but put that pressure down and you are not skidding around! Faster ride today but I am still very out of biking shape. I have been told it should not take long to come back. I like that my mountain-bike-turned-snow-bike is almost as light as it was as a xc bike. I can carry it easily and pushing it is not so difficult. Load some survival gear on there though and I bet it's different. :-)
Happy to be out in the sunshine!
Heike plows down Miller Hill snowmachine trail - one of my fav downhill snowmachine trails to go down in Fairbanks. You can get hauling pretty fast on it. Today it was a little more sluggish than I remember because it hasn't been highly used yet, but still a blast. We made a loop that I didn't know existed and came out really close to my place. Exciting that there is a short 1.5 hour loop to ride so close to home!

In other news, it's that time of year -Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a nice day and gets to spend time with loved ones.

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