Monday, March 8, 2010

Glaciers Melt. (and Move.)

High today (FAI): 24
Low today (FAI): -24
I think the snow angels have the right idea of where to hang out...
Krista came up from Anchorage to visit for the first half of spring break and wanted to head down to the AK range to see the ice caves so we drove down there to enjoy the mountain air for a day.
Krista. Mal photo

We were lucky to have a solid path to follow from the ski mountaineering class' trip this past weekend. Normally I hate following someone else's footprints because then you can't pretend you are the first one tromping on some land, but it was useful in the flat light.I don't know why I expected the glacier to look the same as last year, because they do melt and move and cave in.. but I was still disappointed to find my giant ice tunnel spot was gone.. melted and collapsed into ice chunks.
But still amazing, of course. Just different. And smaller.
Krista. Mal photoSomeone had built a snow shelter right along the side of the glacier. It was very roomy! (and warm!)
Krista. Mal photo

Here's a map of the area. I totally guesstimated the right-most dot on here.. I think we were actually a little bit farther east but I don't know since the GPS I'm borrowing cannot be programmed and the data can't be extracted from it.

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