Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wheel Building!!

High today: 6F
Low today: -17F

This weekend I stayed in town for the weekend for the first time since December. It was actually really nice, and I didn't realize how much I had to get done here.

My friend Scott has been offering me mechanical bike help for over a year, and I decided to finally take him up on it this weekend for a big project - rebuilding my snowcats!! I'll run you through the process since Jenny took lots of photos (thanks!!) while we were building...

First, disassemble the old rims til they're bare...
Then, with your hub and proper spokes, thread every other hold on the hub, which connect to every fourth hole in the rim.
Uhh.. ok, here's where you need someone to walk you through it a little. Basically you do the above for four times, but there's arranging of the spokes (two over, one under). If you really want to build a wheelset, contact me and I can give more details about that. There has to be lots of websites with instructions, too.
Scott was way faster than me, here shows his ready to edit wheel!
Next thing was to use my brand-spankin'-still-in-the-box-from-3-years-ago dishing gauge. I knew I would use it eventually and took advantage of my Park Tool sponsor in college ;) The dishing gauge makes sure that the hub is centered on the rim.
Next, attach rotor for disc brake...
In the meantime, Scott was working on truing the other wheel... this took a bit of time.
Before putting the tube and tire back on, you want to tape the rim so the bike tube doesn't make contact with the nipples.
Then after putting on the tires, it's time to fit the brakes to the wheel...
And voila! After 5 hours (ha, oops? it doesn't always take THAT long.), we have a brand new wheelset with disc brakes, yeah!!!
At least I'll be riding in style... and have working brakes!

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