Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ride in the mornin' ride in the evenin'

High today: 25F
Low today -1F
Fairbanks has an extensive trail system just outside of town that can be reached from most of our front yards or very close to them.. it's pretty rockin'. Since we have barely had any snow this winter, they are like a highway for the two-wheel-kind-of-people this year. The trails are very flat but nice to get out in the morning and/or evenings.
Patrick and Apollo came out for their first winter ride. (or rather, they got me out twice in one day) Apollo was nipping at me while I was riding (in a friendly way).. it was pretty funny. He also learned quickly to not run in front of a moving bike wheel, ha!
We encountered a pretty extensive area of overflow on the musher trails going towards Fox. Luckily most of it was flat and snow covered so we were able to ride over it.. but it kept going even past where we turned back!

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