Sunday, March 28, 2010


High today (so far): 44F
Low today: 24F
Mileage: 12.4
After vegging this entire week, staring at the dirt that has completely taken over the ski trails by my house, I made an impulse decision two days ago and signed up for the Sonot Kkaazoot 20k ski race on the river. My reasoning? I haven't done enough skiing this winter since winter biking took over my life, and I really enjoy skiing. Since the trails to work are so dirty, I wasn't feeling super motivated to ski to work this past week, though I'll probably get back on the trails this coming week.

But, I had signed up for my first ski race - and I have no 'racing' skis or know anything about ski racing. Since I am pretty sure that I cannot skate ski for 12 miles straight, I headed to the race with my full metal edge classic skis, because that is all that I have! I was thinking I'd end up dead last, but didn't, because I found some other classic skiers to chase down.

It was enjoyable not carrying a pack - going to work I always carry my laptop, books, food, clothing, etc. On trips, it's everything. It's very freeing not having a pack, though I don't mind it either, because I'm so used to it.

It's just 12 miles, right? I had to remind myself several times that 12 miles is still 12 miles.. it's not a mile long ski to work. That is what almost all of my skiing has been this winter. Someone told me I should have no problem doing the race in under 2 hours, but I wasn't sure that they were right.

The going was easy and I was having fun, and quickly realized that I was able to gain on the other skiers while going under overpasses, because it was a sheet of ice, and I had metal edges and could speed up really fast and still have control, while the others were fishtailing along. But those were all minor details.. I just knew I was happy to be out there and glad to have pulled myself out of bed early. The most fun part of the race was yelling at friends on skate skis lapping me in the 50k race. :-) There were a lot of them out there.. I always show up at these events thinking I won't see anyone I know, or I'll see them, but they'll be flooded by so many other people that I'll not have anyone to talk with.Here's Judith waiting for Bruno to come in. It was nice to chat with her for awhile, even though we couldn't talk her into racing. :-) I'm 100% sure that she would have kept up with me, or even been faster.
I didn't get many photos since my camera didn't come along for the race, but took a couple afterwards. Above is Davya pulling into the finish. I didn't get anyone else coming in because I was needing to shower and get some lunch.
Davya and Tyson after the race. Tyson was easy to spot flying by me because of his glasses and fro. :-)

I ended up finishing in just past 1:40.. not sure exactly what time it was since the clock was messed up. There was a woman 3 decades older than me with fancy skis who threatened my spot in the race towards mile 9, and I had to work really hard to stay on her tail the next 3 miles, to pull my standard 'sprint at the end', which was me double poling as fast as my tired body could handle. While double poling in those last 50 feet, I ended up beating her by a couple of seconds, and nearly toppling over as fatigue had me all over the place trying to pass her, and overcompensating shifting my weight. I would be afraid to watch a video of the end there.. it would be pretty funny. I am happy with the race, because I was tired at the end, and had fun too.

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