Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Actual Thanksgiving Day

Happiness sprinkles my sister's car on Tgiving night.

Patty had turkey dinner at her house tonight, which was delicious as turkey dinner number 3! (Great part is, I have one more to crash tomorrow!) The kids kept us well entertained. We played some guitar hero afterwards to work off that food, as well as watched the Muppet Christmas Carol!!
My siblings + sig. others +kids minus 1 sib and sig. other, my parents and Reeds parents graced the dinner table. As usual there was bread tossing across the table from one end to another and all kinds of madness going on. Ohhh I will miss the big dinners!

1 comment:

Laur said...

the kids have gotten so big!
They are so cute!
Who said the squishy quote?