Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Dream Bike

So I have been eyeing up this bike for awhile now. It's a Surly Pugsley, made for serious snow riding. It can hold up to 4" tires, which is EXTREMELY burly.. a typical mountain bike has tires that are about 2.1". I got 2.4"s last year for my mountain bike and I've noticed a huge difference in awesomeness in those. Unfortunately the price tag on the Pugsley is about as proportionally big as the tires, but maybe once I get settled in I can start saving for this beast. As one of my friends today said, "hey, it's still much cheaper than a car!" Unfortunately I don't know how I feel about biking in -40 degree temps.. my face has been already turning red from the wind in 25 degree temps! It's all relative, right?

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