Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Diva Conquered!!

High today: 59
Low so far today: 48

So a few weeks ago, the local outdoor gear shop had a "Diva & Conquer" event sponsored by Mountain Hardwear. I just so happened to "stumble in" that day, and did my usual 2 minute stroll around the store drooling over down jackets and gloves and wool hats and fun winter gear that I can't afford. They had a raffle for who knows what but it was at the gear shop so it had to be cool. I dropped my name in the bucket, strategically placing it, pushing it slightly below the top, because you know those raffle-drawers.. they never pick from the top! Then I left. An hour later a call beeped in while I was on the phone, and the girl on the other line says "you put your name into the raffle tonight?", "yes I did" (excitedly realizing I won something.. anything would have been freaking awesome), and she says "you just won $xxx to our store for Mountain Hardwear gear!" Ummmm... WHAT!??????! I ended up being the winner of the grand prize of the raffle, which was incredible because God knows I needed that for what is about to come. I excitedly told the girl I was moving to Alaska in January and I needed a down jacket. (at this point I didn't have the official word but was fairly confident of the news) I ordered the jacket I wanted - they only had black at the store so they ordered me this hot red one. And now it's mine. :-) Looks kinda funny but I will be happy I got it a size bigger I think. Plus, room to grow!
One of the guys at the store asked me if I was going to climb Denali and I gave him a funny look and said "I don't plan on it but I HAVE thought about it". As I'm reading "Into Thin Air" I don't think I can handle thoughts of climbing large mountains. Plus I'd have a lot to learn in the meantime! But mark my word, I am going ice climbing in April.. UAF is planning a beginner's ice climbing trip and I plan on being there. Hecccccccck yes!

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