Friday, August 8, 2008

Entertainment in the rain

Here's some pictures from recent flooding...

The very flooded Chena River at the Chena Pump campground
It's State Fair time, of course it's raining!
Oink Oink.
Of the last 23 days, Fairbanks has seen at LEAST a trace of rain for 21 of them. 21! There isn't really an end in sight either. We might get lucky and get a non-rainy day later this week but really, at least for the next few days, it is not looking like we will see the mountains from here in the near future. A lot of people aren't happy about the rain. I'm ok with it, but it has put a huge damper on the mountain biking this summer. It's not the rain and puddles I mind, because if you know me at all you know that I find a large amount of joy out of going through big mud puddles, but rather, it's about not ruining the trails. What we don't need is more ruts in the trails. Running has been more enjoyable in the rain so that is what I have been doing. Despite the number of rainy days, we have seen a few hours of so of no rain at times, and even the occasional peak of sunshine... and rain or shine, life does go on! I watched three movies though in one week.. that is a record.

But, in recent happenings, Rena had a house-warming party for her new place. Her friend Tyler made a wedding cake, as a practice for a real wedding cake she is going to make. It was delicious!I was dogsitting for two weeks, and the puppies seem to know what to do when it is raining, VEG OUT!
Whoa here's a picture from a spurt of sunshine! LOOK at my kohrabi!! Someone was a *little* excited to find this rare (it seems) veggie at the farmer's market. We used to grow these when I was younger, they were my favorite thing to eat out of the garden.
Matthew, Karen, and I went out to see the flooding in Fairbanks from the Tanana River down at Rosie Creek. Here is the Tanana, normally very braided.
There is a fairly long gravel bar here where we always docked our boats after canoeing down the Chena. Where did it go?!!

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