Monday, August 25, 2008

Southward once again

Headed down to Palmer this past weekend for the Alaska State Fair.
The drive down was nice... although why we were heading south when the weather was absolutely spectacular in the interior I am not sure. It would have been really nice backpacking this weekend again but I did want to check out the fair and visit my friends down south.
Here we are at the Denali south viewpoint.. the mountain is actually out in the background but my camera couldn't capture it.
We got into Palmer just as the sun was setting around 10pm.
Saturday morning , Nikole, Bob and I did some riding at the Crevasse Moraine trails in Palmer. These are the trails Nikole and I attempted to ride in March.. in March they were a SHEET of ice! They were fast up and downs, similiar to Kincaid but not as regularly ridden on.Bob-o was having so much fun that he just fell over.
Go figure, a few minutes later attempting a steep uphill, I lost my momentum and could not unclip in time to abort bike. This is why I normally abort steep long uphills altogether. Oops.. thanks to Nikole for getting a shot as I'm trying to unclip! :-PWoohoo! We found a designated mtn bike trail. I was pretty excited. It was a nice singletrack with lots of trees to get your handlebars caught on at parts.
After the ride and a shower, I headed to the fair to work a booth for a bit. That night there were some fireworks.. the first I have seen in awhile. It was like the 4th of July!
Sunday morning our plan was to hike Lazy Mountain (don't be fooled by the name) but were all too lazy and slept in. We landed ourselves at REI and Moose's Tooth... the two places I will drive into the city for!!
Here are some spawning salmon hanging out in a creek by the Knik River.
Jeffro thinks that we need a hatchet strap to secure the bikes.
Car shot! Talk about a packed car. We did good.

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Stef said...

looks like fun...i wish i could have been there. i miss fairbanks :(