Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Other White Mountains

High today: 56
Low today: 46
Went up to Wickersham Dome today with Rena for a short hike. Why sit around when you can get out of town and enjoy a bit of fresh air? Wickersham Dome is within easy access just north of Fairbanks sitting in the White Mountains. Despite the easy access, we only saw a few berry pickers near the trailhead and that was it.A lot of the trail was stream-like due to recent rain... a lot of recent rain! Looks like we weren't the only beings using the trail.. this guy must have been pretty little.On our way up to the top of the Dome, we couldn't help but notice the abundance of berries all over the place. SCORE! The people at the trailhead were having no luck because all of the berries were near the foot of the Dome! We probably ate half of what we were picking. They were delicious!Despite the rain, the views were still awesome from the top and the hike was very enjoyable.


Maria said...

are you borrowing a comera or did you find yours? very pretty views!

mtbikemeteo said...

These ones were taken with my friends' camera. I actually just bought one though.. had to go for something less than I had but that is ok! A picture is a picture..

Kevin said...

mmmm I miss fresh blueberries :-(