Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Arrow Points Farther North

High today: 15
Low today: -9

Hoar frost covers trees along the Dalton Highway

Headed up north for work for two days with our stopping destination at Wiseman, town of about 10 people, about 270 miles north of Fairbanks... well above the Arctic Circle. It was a sweet trip since I haven't gone anywhere for this side of work for awhile.. and I got to skip class which is a big "hooray!" in my book.

On the way we stopped at Livengood and Minto, below you can see the Minto Flats.
I won't mention what the temperature is in these pictures because I can still hear my Mom yelling at me to put a hat and gloves on when it was 30 degrees and hating when I'd go running in shorts at 50 degrees. ;) "But Mom! The 20-degree rule!"The drive north was spectacular, a beautiful world of white encompassed the highway which is used primarily by truckers.Our truck took the lives of two ptarmigan, of whom were asking for a death wish. They took out the entire sideview mirror and the breaking of glass made us think that part of the window was gone too.. but we were lucky and it was just the mirror.Stayed in Wiseman overnight at a neat little cabin. Below I am crouched down by the old post office in Wiseman which has fallen into the ground over the past 100 years from the permafrost. There are cabins in Fairbanks that look like this, too! Yikes! We came upon this huge semi just about a minute after it veered off of the highway. The driver was ok but was shaken up for good reason. He was only 5 miles from his 630 mile destination.. poor guy. Puts things into perspective for you...On the drive back it was actually light enough out to see the mountains.Hey Jim - this one's for you! There was Jim River 1, 2, and 3! My favorite creek though was "No Name Creek". :)Back into the White Mountains... almost home!

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