Friday, November 21, 2008

First bike commute in the negatives this winter

High today: -11 F
Low today: -21 F
Now that I live on the ski trails, my commute to work via ski is only 1.5 miles whereas biking to work is 3.5 miles. Logically, this leaves me to skiing to work on a normal day. But we all know that deep down in my heart all I want to do is ride my bike. So today I allowed a bit of extra time for error and misc. mechanical problems (that did not happen, thankfully! :) ) to bike into work for the first time from the new place! Check out this sweet outfit...Heck yes! Bring it, cold! I've learned quite a bit about dressing in this weather from watching other winter bikers... there are some people who ride EVERY day because they don't have a car, or maybe they just love riding their bike as much as I do. It's those people that I idol. Skiing has been a fun alternative but just not the same, for me, anyway. But it IS slightly quicker and there's less distance for error and I trust skis to not break much much more than I trust all the parts of a bike to not break.

After about 15 minutes of riding my gears were pretty hesitant to change.. other than the click-click-click of my non-winterized hub I was plenty warm and happy. The favorite part of my commute were all the funny looks I got mainly once I hit campus. If I saw someone wearing that outfit, I'd give them a funny look, too!

Below is a picture of the sunsetting behind the top of Denali. I took this picture slightly too late and it is blurry, but you can see the blowing snow off of the mountain. Pretty!Getting home tonight was more than slightly entertaining.. in fact it was a little surreal with the orange goggles in the dark and the way my headlamp reflected off of the ice crystals in the nearly 20 below air. Then my goggles decided to freeze up, which they didn't do earlier today. So I had to take them off for the last mile, where my eyelashes immediately began to freeze! But the silver bullet and I made it! Hooray!

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Patty said...

Does that orange jacket part of your getup look familiar or is it me??