Saturday, November 15, 2008

Celine's Birthday Bash

High today: 14 F
Low today: -2 F
(jumping picture courtesy of Karen)

We celebrated Celine's 24th b-day up near the hot springs. Here's the b-day girl ready to go hiking in the snow!
The Chena river was mostly frozen but had a few open leeds. Amazing that the river is not completely frozen yet! I surely don't understand the kinematics of rivers.. maybe being exposed to them so much more nowadays will help relieve that.
We took a very highly traveled trail, one that I have done many many times, but it is still fun because it's always with different people and in a different season! I prefer this as a winter hike.. it's more challenging in some ways but easier in others since it is easier to grip on snow than loose sandy rock!
Below are the girls at the top near the rocks.

Cute picture of Karen and I (next two pics thanks to Karen)Mo is the COOLEST dog ever because if you throw snow at him, he does jump turns!
Celine, Rena and Karen staying warm.
Joel and Ashlee with Mo running around them
Woo! Free cake for the birthday girl and a soak in the hot springs.. not too shabby eh?

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Patty said...

I don't understand why we don't do jumping pictures, here? Let's do one at Christmas, before I get to old to jump.