Saturday, November 29, 2008

Moose Mountain's Open!

High today: 8 F
Low today: -3 F

No more hiking up the mountain, Moose Mountain is open! Yeah!! They don't have lifts, but they have a bus shuttle system. Pricey resort for what you get but so conveniently close to town. Celine, Debbie and I busted out the downhill skis for the resort's opening weekend, not to mention at a discount ticket rate.Celine hadn't been on downhill skis in 5 years but smoked both Debbie and I. As you can see also, Moose Mountain is in need of about.. umm.. well 15 more inches of snow or so. :-P At least a good 8 inch snowfall would do them some good. Despite all the grassiness we still had a blast. Some areas were completely covered and powdery but the well-used ones like these below were pretty grassy.
I told you the moose pose would come back, especially being on Moose Mountain and all.
Self-portait of the ladies!
Wahooooooo! We even went on some black diamonds, my first Alaskan black diamonds other than the one at Skiland that I slid down on my butt. The ones at MM were actually less scary than east coast ones.. I can't say the same for the one that Josh took me on at Skiland last winter...

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Stef said...

HOORAY for Moose Mountain!! Looks like you guys had a blast :) I sure do miss ya!!