Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Fine Frostilicious Day!

High today: -10 F
Low today so far: -20 F

Now who the heck would wake up at 9am on a Saturday to run a 5k when it's -12 out?

You got it! This morning was the annual Turkey Trot sponsored by the Running Club North. Here's Joel, Karen and Debbie before the race. The best part of the race was beforehand you guess what your time will be, and then whoever guesses closest to their actual time wins a turkey!! (no watches allowed!) Karen and I ran the whole thing together but were about a minute and a half off.. oh well! We forgot to incorporate the extra 0.2 miles that were added onto the 5k!We got VERY frosty keeping our good pace going. It was hard to see by the end of the race!! Thanks to Karen for this awesome pic!Later this afternoon I met up with some friends to do some downhill skiing at Moose Mountain. There were no lifts so we walked up the first time then Debbie drove me up to the top to do a second run before the sun went down. It was scary to get on the downhill skis for the first time since March. I always feel like I don't know what I'm doing starting out again, but it's easy to get back into the groove.
Sunsetting around 3:20pm..
Frostilicious, indeed!