Saturday, December 27, 2008


High today (PIT): 68 F!!!
Low today (PIT): 47 F

In the past 48 hours I have gotten to see so many of my old friends, last night spent with those from high school whom I'm still in touch with, and today was able to meet up with some friends from college. Below is Sammi and my best friend from high school Meg, and the men in their lives - Tyler and Gray.
Michelle and Derek met up with us too!
Then immediately the next day I got to meet up with some good friends from college who live a few hours north of here. Thanks to Donati for the ride up north! They requested some jumping pictures so I took a few - this one makes me laugh a lot since Donati decided to hold his bags for it and it just looks ridiculous.Then, to finish off the day with 100% good times, I got a last minute ticket for the sold out Clarks show and got in the front row -yeah!! I've been looking forward to seeing the Clarks again for months! I held up a sign at the beginning that said "I came all the way from ALASKA to see you". They liked that.. funny thing is there was a girl from Tok, AK there too who originally grew up in the 'Burgh and was back visiting!!! What a small world. Best part of the night was that I got one of the drummers' drumsticks, and the fact that the band did not disappoint as usual. :-D Below is Scott Blasey, the lead singer for the Clarks.

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