Friday, December 19, 2008

The Longest Night Ride

High today: 12 F
Low today: -9 F

Tonight was the annual Fairbanks Cycle Club's "Longest Night Ride", celebrating the winter solstice and the soon to be lengthening daylight. Granted, we have two more days until the actual winter solstice, but we are zeroing in on our minimal sunlight, today sitting at 3 hours and 41 minutes of sun barely 5 degrees above the horizon. The sun rose at 10:58am today and set at 2:39pm. Here's the hearty gang at the beginning of the ride.Dave's stint with us was rather short (think 100 meters long..), since his seatpost just snapped in half. Ouch!
We went down a few snowy roads to get back into the Goldstream trails. Wish I knew where we were going.. we were crossing Ballaine, back in Goldstream valley, crossing Ballaine again, all of a sudden at Sheep Creek and eventually back to Ivory Jacks. I'll have to go exploring when it's light out to find these trails again because they were fun!

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