Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reporting from Pittsburgh!!

High today (PIT): 57
Low today (PIT): 34

Hi everyone! Glad to report that I made it home in Pittsburgh within 22 hours of getting to the Fairbanks airport. I was one extremely lucky duck who by a miracle got on one of the very few planes to get INTO Chicago and another one that got OUT of Chicago on Tuesday, in the midst of their snow and ice storm. I can't tell you how happy I was to get on that airplane.. I'm pretty sure there was a huge smile on my face the entire flight even through the exhaustion. Thanks to everyone sending good vibes my way so I wasn't stuck anywhere past Christmas day! It's good to be back - feels like I never left but it is fun surprising neighbors and old acquaintances who don't expect to see me. Here's some pics from flying.. below is Mt. Rainier peaking out of the clouds. :)
Did I really get on this flight???? Really??? This one deserves a picture.
Steelers Country or bust!!!!!

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